November 5, 2020

THURSDAY, November 5, 2020

For Public Safety this meeting shall be held in the Community Room located in the basement of the Miner County Courthouse


  9:00           Flag Pledge, Approve Agenda, Declare Conflict of Interest,

                   Approve Minutes, Approve Claims, Disclosure of Meetings Attended

  9:15          Public Comment

  9:30          CANVASS November 3rd General Election Results

  9:50          Liquor License Renewal-Coonhunter

  9:55          Resolution-Quit Claim Deed to City of Howard -Howard City Wards Lot 1, Blk 1

10:00          Highway Matters-Ron Krempges

                             B.I.G. 2021 Agreement

10:30          BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS-Variance Considerations-Lambert & Tripp


Legal Matters-

Executive Session-SDCL 1-25-2


Unfinished Business

Courthouse Building Project Discussions-Miner County Historical Society Building Proposal

New Business


Upcoming Events:

November 17th – Commission Meeting

December 1st – Commission Meeting

December 15th – Commission Meeting

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