April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019


            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session April 2, 2019 in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Roger Wentland, Garrett Gassman, Tom Reisch, Voni Durant and Alex Protsch.  Absent:  none.  Chairman Wentland called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Motion by Gassman, seconded by Durant and carried to approve the agenda.

            The minutes of the March 19th meeting were approved.  No one appeared for Public Comment.  The auditor’s account with the county treasurer showed a March 31, 2019 balance of $6,709,399.06 in all state, county, civil, school and trust accounts.

            The following correspondence was received:  Compensatory Time Report.

            It was moved by Gassman, seconded by Protsch and carried to authorize the auditor to pay the following claims:  Road & Bridge $41,179.22, United Health Care $37,170.01, Retirement $5,913.58, OASI $8,846.21, Commissioners $4,327.25, Auditor $6,497.66, Treasurer $6,664.75, States Attorney $5,534.75, Govt Building $3,496.00, Director of Equalization $7,433.87, Register of Deeds $7,222.30, Vet Service $872.00, Sheriff $11,510.00, Contract Law $1,146.25 (includes Ethan Weisz at $3,250.00/mo), Welfare $418.25, Co Nurse $1,272.50, Ambulance $8,392.78, WIC $86.50, Extension $1,272.50, Weed $1,499.22, Dispatch $12,357.99, Emergency Mgt $2,274.20 MAR PAYROLL; Triotel $169.53 911 CHARGES; SD Assn Co Commissioners $317.00 CATASTROPHIC POOR FUND; State 4-H Office $170.00 DUES; Northwestern Energy $1,606.63 GAS SERVICE; Canova-Epiphany Senior Citizens $306.00, Children’s Care Corner $6,000.00 GRANTS; Emergency Safety Education $113.61, Doug Glover $116.31 IN SERVICE EDUCATION; Employee $2,000.00 INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT; SD Assn of Co Commissioners $1,332.00 LEGAL EXPENSE RELIEF FUND; Miner County Pioneer $414.39 PUBLISHING; Howard American Legion $90.00, Microfilm Imaging Systems $465.00 RENT; Howard Auto Clinic $811.24, Ultra $912.95, Vanguard Appraisals $1,700.00, Zoll Medical Corporation $2,417.00 REPAIRS; Greg Protsch $900.00 STATE’S ATTY OFFICE EXPENSE ALLOWANCE; Beadle Co Auditor $1,144.00 STATE’S ATTY VICTIMS ADVOCATE; Subpoenaed Individuals $134.92 SUBPOENA FEES & MILEAGE; Bob Calmus $502.80, Gall’s Inc. $40.49, Homestead $115.98, Howard Cold Storage $59.86, Jack’s Uniforms & Equipment $741.29, Light & Siren $1,406.00, Matheson Tri Gas $1,024.47, McLeod’s $48.05, Miner Co Treasurer $165.72, Streicher’s $215.00, Kent Terwilliger $26.63 SUPPLIES; Colleen Arens $30.00, AT&T $109.93, Century Link $25.67, Mike Clary $30.00, Rob Eggert $30.00, Ethan Weisz $30.00 TELEPHONE

            It was moved by Gassman, seconded by Durant and carried to approve the request of Agtegra Cooperative to permit the landing of aircraft on Miner County highways as authorized in SDCL 50-2-2.1 with Agtegra Cooperative assuming all liability when using said roads.

            Wentland presented a soils report from the county farm ground.  After review of the report, the board was in agreement to add language to the future farm lease requiring the lessee to submit an annual record of all chemical, seed, fertilizer and total yield information along with requiring an annual soil test showing the level of soil nutrients.

            It was moved by Durant, seconded by Gassman and carried to authorize payment to Interlakes Community Action for Miner County’s cost share ($754.60) of the 5 year Transit Coordination Plan.

            The bid opening for the 2019 mowing and trimming of the Miner County 4-H grounds was held as advertised.  The following bids received reflect a per time basis:  Nick & Amber Kramer & John Eulberg $375.00; Tim & Taylor Reisch $379.00.  It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Protsch to enter into a contract with Nick & Amber Kramer & John Eulberg for the mowing of the 4-H grounds $375/mowing & trimming. Voting aye:  Gassman, Durant, Protsch, Reisch and Wentland.  Voting nay:  none.  

            Colleen Arens met with the board to review signage for the driveways, window condition, and tuck-pointing of the courthouse.  The board instructed Arens to contact Karr Tuckpointing to request a free inspection of the courthouse building and to order signage for the driveways.

            Jerry Adler joined the meeting to request funding for Miner Recreation.  The board discussed amounts and groups requesting funding.  Carthage City has not utilized last year’s grant and therefore is not requesting funding for 2019.  It was moved by Protsch, seconded by Gassman and carried to disburse recreation grant funds as follows:  Miner County Recreation $2500; and Canova Community Improvement $1000.

            Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges reviewed flooding damage.  Many culverts were compromised, along with many gravel wash outs.  Krempges is working on repair estimates to be submitted to Miner County Emergency Management for submission for a disaster declaration. 

            Carthage City has made a request for the Miner County Highway Dept. to crack seal Carthage Main Street.  Krempges told the commission the City of Carthage would reimburse for labor and materials.  Krempges has concern as to having available time to complete the project.  The board will allow Krempges to complete the project if his department has time after completing Miner County projects. 

            It was moved by Gassman, seconded by Durant and carried to enter into the agreement with the State of South Dakota Dept. of Transportation to provide for the striping and continuing maintenance of county roads within Miner County.  The board authorized Chairman Wentland to sign the agreement. 

            Treasurer Pat Carmon presented the Commitment to Pay Delinquent Taxes for the board’s consideration.  Carmon requires this form to be completed & signed by tax payers wishing to make payments toward delinquent taxes.  The board instructed Carmon to contact the State’s Attorney’s office for his/her review.  If the agreement is approved by the State’s Attorney/Deputy, Carmon is instructed to continue with this procedure.  

            Emergency Management Director Kent Terwilliger met with the board to update them on the procedure for declaring a disaster in Miner County and to review the process.  It was moved by Reisch and seconded by Protsch to adopt the following resolution.





WHEREAS, MINER COUNTY SD on 3-11-2019 through 3-19-2019 endured severe weather.

WHEREAS, this severe storm caused major flooding which many of the roads in Miner County have been flooded and many of them washed out and impassable, and

WHEREAS, the storm over 2 weeks period Miner County had 10’’ of snow with 5.5 of rain that melted the snow in 3 days while the ground was frozen which caused the moisture to run off and caused major flooding

NOW IT BE RESOLVED THAT Miner County Commissioners do hereby declare a disaster for the population of the area impacted.  The MINER COUNTY commissioners respectfully request that all assistance that may be available from State and Federal agencies be provided to all local Governments to include Miner County and businesses and general population as we work to overcome this disaster.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT the MINER County Commissioners do hereby declare a flood disaster and respectfully request the Governor of the State of South Dakota to declare a disaster area and to request a Presidential Declaration of Disaster to ensure that the maximum amount of assistance is made available to local governments, businesses and residents affected.

Voting aye:  Protsch, Reisch, Gassman, Durant and Wentland.  Voting nay:  none.

Resolution approved this 2nd day of April, 2019.                                                                   

                                                                                 Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                 Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor


            It was moved by Durant, seconded by Gassman and carried to enter into executive session (SDCL 1-25-2 (1)) at 10:52.  The board returned to regular session at 11:22. 

            The meeting adjourned to April 9th (Board of Equalization).  Dated this 2nd of April, 2019.

                                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor


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