June 26, 2024

            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in special session on June 26, 2024, in the Miner County Courthouse Commission room.  Members present: Alex Protsch, Tom Reisch, and Joe Bechen.  Members absent:  Kathy Faber and Mike Clary.  Also present for the meeting was Dakota Pro Air LLC Office Manager, Michelle Kretschmar.

Chairman Protsch called the meeting to order.   The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  It was moved by Bechen, seconded by Reisch, and carried to approve the agenda.  No one appeared for public comment.

Dakota Pro Air LLC of Letcher, SD is seeking a permit to operate aircraft from Miner County Highways for the purpose of aerial application.  This permit would financially benefit a Miner County grower, as operating the aircrafts out of Letcher would be much more costly to the grower, and the 802 aircrafts used would be too heavy for the existing grass runway.  All safety precautions will be taken, and road blockages will be kept as short as possible to allow aircraft to take back off after being serviced.  Dakota Pro Air will notify Miner County Dispatch when these temporary road blockages happen, so alternative routes can be planned for emergency situations.    Motion by Bechen, seconded by Reisch and carried to approve the request by Dakota Pro Air LLC to use Miner County Highways for aerial application operations. 

The meeting adjourned to July 2nd.  Dated this 26th day of June, 2024.

                                                                                    Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Rebecca Mommaerts, Miner County Auditor

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