February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023 

            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on February 21, 2023 in the Miner County Courthouse Commission room.  Members present:  Alex Protsch, Tom Reisch, Joe Bechen, Kathy Faber and Mike Clary.  Absent:  none.  Also, in attendance for portions of the meeting:  Tami Severson, Karla Neises, Jessica Charles, Brittany Yanish and Rob Eggert.  The flag pledge was recited.  Motion by Bechen, seconded by Faber and carried to approve the agenda.  No Commission report of meetings attended was given. 

The minutes of the February 7th meeting were amended and approved to indicate on Resolution 23-08 as Clary voting aye and the date of the resolution as February 7, 2023.

            The board discussed the policy for inclement/storm closure of county offices.  No change was made to the current policy.  Employees may choose to stay home during inclement/storm weather if the county offices remain open.  The employee would then be required to take vacation leave for hours not in the office.

            Correspondence/Reports from the following were received:  Veteran Services Officer January Report; SD GF&P Annual Report.

The auditor’s account with the county treasurer showed a January 31, 2023 balance of $5,684,359.25 in all state, county, civil, school and trust accounts.

            It was moved by Clary, seconded by Reisch and carried to authorize the auditor to pay the following claims:  Lammers, Kleibacker, Dawson & Miller $3,370.85 COURT APPT ATTY; National Assn of State Agencies $39.00 DUES; HFCA $1,180.98 FUEL; Children’s Care Corner $7,000.00 GRANTS; Co Employee $1,500.00 INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT; Minnehaha Co Regional Detention Center $278.07 JUVENILE DETENTION PER DIEM; Miner Co Register of Deeds $30.00 LIS PENDENS; Avera McKennan Hospital $28,380.03 PATIENT CARE; Miner Co Treasurer $117.37 POSTAGE; Lake Co Sheriff $2,557.50 PRISONER CARE; Lewis Drug $872.95 PRISONER MEDICATION; Office Ally $35.00 PROCESSING FEE; Columbia Co Sheriff $112.00 PROFESSIONAL SERVICE; Climate Systems $4,386.98, Direct Digital Control $3,250.00, HFCA $177.39, Midwest Fire & Safety $261.00, Two Way Solutions $198.00, Ultra $60.00 REPAIRS; Spencer Quarries $28,041.88 ROAD MATERIALS; Applied Concepts $8,985.00 SAFETY SUPPLIES; Brock White $369.82,

Cardmember Services $870.51, Gall’s $212.15, Home Service Water $50.20, IState Truck Center $206.04, Krug Products $5.98, Light & Siren $629.30, Miner Co Sheriff $66.87, Northern Truck Equipment $4,881.40, Puthoff Repair $82.50, S&S Contracting $4,942.87, Titan Machinery $49.50, Wheelco $520.10 SUPPLIES; AT&T $276.37 TELEPHONE; AmericInn $100.00, Joe Bechen $25.50, Kathy Faber $42.84 TRAVEL; Northwestern Energy $81.58 UTITLIES.

            Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges reported to the commission that Miner County has been approved for the 2024 Volkswagan Truck Program.  This grant would provide 35% of the total cost of replacing a semi-tractor for the county.  It was moved by Faber, seconded by Bechen and carried to authorize Chairman Protsch to sign the VW Truck Program Rebate Agreement.  Krempges also reviewed cost of equipment repairs, budgeting, MSHA training and other highway matters. 

            Treasurer Jessica Charles presented properties that are available for tax deed.  The property located in Carthage City (Carthage High School)  has issues with asbestos.  Tim Nelson of Carthage is currently working with the State on grant funds that would assist with the removal of the asbestos.  More information will be made available after the City of Carthage meeting on March 13th. 

            Charles also informed the board that the following properties are now available, after taking tax deed, to be declare surplus and offered for sale or transfer.

           Parcel:  3135 Lots Six (6) and Seven (7) in Block Thirty-Four (34), of the Original Plat of the Village of Canova, Miner County, South Dakota

            Parcel:  3657 The North Seventy-five feet (N75’) of Lot Four (4), Block One (1), of Farmer’s Addition to the City of Howard, except the East Sixty-Eight Feet (68’) thereof

            It was moved by Faber, seconded by Clary and carried to declare the properties listed above as surplus, advertise Parcel #3135 for sale on March 21st and deed Parcel #3657 to the City of Howard. 

            Welfare Director Gibi Page and State’s Attorney Kristen Ellendorf joined the meeting to present Poor Relief Case 2023-01.  After consideration of the case it was moved by Bechen, seconded by Clary and carried to approve payment for 2023-01 to McKennan Hospital in the amount of $28,380.03.  The commission also instructed Page to submit this case to the SDACC Catastrophic Poor Relief Fund. 

            Ambulance Manager Cora Schwader joined the meeting to request that Full-Time On Call EMT’s receive a stipend of $30/each/month for use of their personal cell phones while serving as an EMT.  Motion by Clary, seconded by Faber and carried to pay Full Time On Call EMT’s $30/month for cell phone use. 

            Schwader also made a request to increase the pay from $20 to $30/run for the 3rd attendant fee/not on call.  This option is not used on a regular basis and should not have a significant effect on the budget.  It was moved by Faber, seconded by Reisch and carried to increase the 3rd attendant fee to $30/run.  Schwader also presented a review of the 2022 ambulance services.

            Representatives of the City of Howard, Lynn Borgers, Tyler Genzlinger and Kody Dawson made the request for access to the county’s aerial imagery.  The county at a previous meeting made the offer of access for the cost of $7700.  This amount reflects 10% of the county’s total cost for the first fly over.  The city’s engineering firm DGR needs this imagery to begin work on the city’s electrical upgrades within the city.  Commissioner Joe Bechen stated that this information, if provided, would be a savings to the city for this project.  If this information is not available, DGR would need to physically obtain information (boots on the ground).  City representatives stated that other cities have obtained this information for free or at minimal cost.  The commission agreed to accept payment in 3-year installments for a total of $7700.  If the city can provide information on other cities that received this information for

free, the commission will consider refunding all or a portion of the fee.  Borgers, Genzlinger and Dawson agreed to those terms.  

            A written request was reviewed from the SD Dept. of Revenue for use of the county’s GIS data for the Property Tax Modernization Project.  The commission has concerns of the future use of this information.  The letter states: “The initial intent of the GIS data is strictly in-house.”  Severson and Connor will draft a letter to the Dept. of Revenue to voice the board’s concerns and seek a resolution to this matter. 

            Severson presented Dept. of Revenue information on the upcoming equalization time period.  She also reviewed projects that her office is working on and requested a level increase for Darcy Laible.   It was moved by Faber, seconded by Reisch and carried to approve a level increase to Laible from Level 8 to Level 9.  (Bechen abstained)

            The board recessed as a Board of Commissioners and reconvened as a Planning & Zoning Board.  Protsch took the chair.  The board reviewed the draft of the zoning ordinance.  Several concerns were voiced and will be forwarded to First District for their update.  The final review of the draft will take place on March 7th.  A public hearing for the review of the proposed ordinance will take place on March 21st at 1:00 p.m.

            The board reconvened as a Board of Commissioners.  Custodian Lori Kiehl reported on issues with the HVAC system and the proposed Direct Digital Control System Support Agreement and software renewal.  The HVAC system

 has had a few issues with which Kiehl has been working with several of the contractors who were involved with the installation.  The board suggested to have Kyle Higgens from Puetz Design + Build attend a future commission meeting to review issues and seek a resolution.  Auditor Connor will reach out to Higgens. 

            It was moved by Faber, seconded by Bechen and carried to approve the System Support Agreement and software renewal with DDC.

            Auditor Connor informed the board of receipt of applications for the coroner position.  Connor will schedule interviews which will be held prior to the next commission meeting.

            It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Bechen and carried to authorize Chairman Protsch to sign the City of Howard GIS agreement for website hosting with First District of Local Governments. 

            It was moved by Faber, seconded by Clary and carried to authorize Chairman Protsch to sign the cancellation of the Howard Hotel & Convention Center (Tax Deed Property) insurance policy effective at the closing date. 

            Having no further business, the meeting adjourned to March 7th.  Dated this 21st day of February, 2023.

                                                                                    Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest: Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor








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