Jessica Charles, Miner County Treasurer

Kathy Weidler, Deputy Treasurer
One of the main duties of the treasurer's office is to collect property taxes, which accounts for the majority of revenue in county budgets.  The treasurer, as the tax collector, is responsible for collecting all property taxes for the county, cities, school districts and any other political district authorized to levy real estate taxes.


Transferring titles, licensing and recording or cancelling liens are other responsibilities of the county treasurer's office.  The information from this program all goes to our central office, the Division of Motor Vehicles in Pierre.  A 4% tax is charged on newly purchased vehicles when applicable.  SD is an electronic lien title state, meaning that if you buy a vehicle and have money borrowed on it, the title becomes electronic until it is paid off or in some other situations that are described by law.  You can check with the treasurer's office for more information.  The month that each individual or business renews their license is based on the first letter of their last name or their business, whichever applies.  Licenses can be renewed up to 3 months before they expire.

License Renewal System:

January:         A,B                       February:    C,D,E                 March:        F,G,J      April:         None
May:              H,I,O                     June:           K,L                     July:           M,N       August:      P,Q,R                    September:    S                            October:     None                   November: T-Z        December:  None

The county treasurer's office is in charge of managing all of the county's funds.  Because the treasurer receives money from the other county offices, they are responsible for investing that money.


Hunting and fishing licenses are available in our office for in state and out of state residents.

The treasurer's office accepts VISA, Master Card and Discover credit/debit cards.  They can be used over the phone or in person.  There is a transaction fee to use either the credit or debit card.

SD Division of Motor Vehicles
State of South Dakota
Game, Fish & Parks
South Dakota Assn of County Officials

Contact Info

Mailing Address:

Miner Co Treasurer

PO Box 426

Howard, SD 57349

Phone:  (605) 772-4652

Fax:       (605) 772-4203



Physical Address: 

Miner County Courthouse

Park Ave. & Main St

401 N. Main St.

Howard, SD 57349

1st Floor


Office Hours: 

7:30am-12:00pm & 12:30pm-4:00pm

Monday - Friday