July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session July 3, 2012, in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Pat Maroney, Roger Wentland, Voni Durant and Heath Thompson.  Absent:  Don Bowman.  Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

            Motion by Durant, seconded by Maroney and carried to approve the agenda as amended.

            The minutes of June 19th were approved as presented.

The Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer showed a June 30th balance of $4,105,452.04 in all state, county, civil, school, and trust accounts.

Commissioners reviewed the draft budget for the 2013 year.  Further review and discussion will take place at the July 17th meeting.

Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges reviewed highway matters.

Planning & Zoning Administrator Kay Hageman presented the following plat for consideration.  Motion by Maroney and seconded by Wentland to adopt the following resolution. 


            BE IT RESOLVED THAT the plat described as TRACT 1 of HAMILTON’S ADDITION IN THE NORTHWEST QUARTER (NW ¼) OF SECTION SEVENTEEN (17), TOWNSHIP ONE HUNDRED FIVE (105) NORTH, RANGE FIFTY-SIX (56) WEST OF THE 5th P.M. IN MINER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, be approved and accepted by the Board of County Commissioners at its meeting of July 3, 2012 and the county Auditor is hereby instructed to endorse on such plat a copy of this resolution and to certify the same.

            Voting aye:  Maroney, Durant, Wentland and Thompson.  Voting nay:  none.  Resolution adopted this 3rd day of July, 2012.

                                                            Heath A. Thompson, Chairman

                                                            Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan R. Connor, Miner County Auditor

            Motion by Durant, seconded by Wentland and carried to approve the contract with Minnehaha County for prisoner confinement at the rate of $80.20/prisoner/day for inmates in other than a work release status and $35.00/prisoner/day for inmates housed in a work release status.

            Motion by Wentland and seconded by Durant to adopt the following resolution.


            The Miner County Board of County commissioners, having adopted and signed a Joint Cooperative Agreement on the 28th day of March, 1972, creating the First Planning and Development District, Model Rural Development Program, do hereby agree to renew their participation in the Joint Cooperative Agreement for Fiscal Year 2013 (October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013).  To support the Joint Cooperative Agreement and the activities of the District staff, the Miner County Board of County Commissioners will provide $7000.00 to the First District Association of Local Governments during the aforementioned Fiscal Year 2013 period.  Resolution adopted this 3rd day of July, 2012.

                                                Heath A. Thompson, Chairman

                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan R. Connor, Miner County Auditor

            Motion by Maroney, seconded by Durant and carried to enter into the Cummins Central Power Planned Maintenance Agreement for the courthouse generator.

            Emergency Management Director Robert Calmus reviewed emergency management , homeland security and pre-mitigation plan update issues.

            States Attorney Greg Protsch introduced his summer intern Christopher Olson.  Olson is assisting Protsch with different projects within the States Attorney office.  Protsch also informed the board that a federal grant has been obtained to provide assistance in sexual abuse, domestic abuse and protection order cases.  Beadle County has hired Kimberly Zachrison for this position using the Federal Grant monies.  Eight counties may obtain assistance from Ms. Zachrison due to the requirements of the grant. 

            Wentland and Thompson reported on their meeting with John Ball, SDSU specialist concerning the shelter belt located on the north side of the courthouse.  Ball’s recommendation is to remove the trees and undergrowth from the south side of the shelterbelt up to the row of Hackberry trees.  Once that portion of the belt is cleared, new trees would then be planted.  Commissioner Wentland will contact James Valley Nursery to trim the maple trees located on the north side of the courthouse parking lot. 

Claims allowed:  Alliance Communications $789.32,  AT&T Mobility $171.50, Rob Eggert $30.00, Lanny Klinkhammer $30.00,  Mike Clary $30.00, phone; American Stamp & Marking $74.28, Boyer Ford Trucks $23.54, Butler Machinery Co. $859.96, Robert Calmus $37.85, Central Business Supply $48.56, Diamond Mowers, Inc $652.92, Election Systems & Software $1104.05, Forecast $142.44, General Equipment & Supplies $2600.46, Homestead Building Supply $91.69, James River Equipment $105.00, Lanny Klinkhammer $8.13, Mid-American Research $713.07, Office Peeps, Inc $37.85,  Rusty’s Foodland $325.41, Titan Machinery $62.28, supplies; Aramark Uniform Services $45.77, rent; Robert Calmus $166.32, Katie Haak $294.96, travel; Dawson Construction $2826.50, General Equipment & Supplies $6809.25, James River Equipment $90.00, Midwest Boiler Repair $8250.00, Ulteig $5157.77, repairs; Ericsson & Giles $1781.00, Kelly J Goslinga $404.16, court appointed attorney; Howard Animal Clinic $115.00, investigation expense; Miner County Pioneer $266.35, publishing;  Tami Moore $30.00, Megan Nielsen $35.00, 4-H judging; NW Energy & Comm $28.56, gas service; Gibi Page $61.00, travel; Slowey Court Reporting Service $27.50,  mental illness hearing; SD Dept of Health $150.00, blood alcohols; Greg Protsch $1900.00, office expense allowance.

The meeting adjourned to July 17, 2012.  Dated this 3rd day of July, 2012.

                                                Heath A. Thompson, Chairman

                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan R. Connor, Miner County Auditor



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