September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016

The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session September 6, 2016 in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Roger Wentland, Tom Reisch, Garrett Gassman, Voni Durant, and Alex Protsch.  Absent:  none.  Chairman Wentland called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Motion by Protsch, seconded by Durant and carried to approve the agenda.

The minutes of the August 16th meeting were approved. 

The Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer showed an August 31, 2016 balance of $5,211,022.28 in all state, county, civil, school, and trust accounts.

Correspondence received and reviewed included:  4-H Exhibit Hall/Grounds Calendar; East Dakota Water Development District August Meeting Minutes; and East River Electric Power Cooperative Annual Meeting Invitation. 

Welfare Director Gibi Page presented Poor Relief Case 16-11.  It was moved by Gassman, seconded by Durant and carried to approve case 16-11 with payment of $250 to the City of Howard for utilities.

The 2017 Provisional Budget hearing was held as advertised.  Patrick R. Maroney, States Attorney Greg Protsch and Kristian Ellendorf were present for the hearing.  Protsch made a request to add an additional $1000 to his 2017 budget for a set of SD Codified Law books with updates to provide for additional research resources for Kristian Ellendorf.  Commissioners instructed the auditor to add the request to the provisional budget.  Maroney asked questions pertaining to the DOE & GIS budgets.  Final adoption will be on September 20th.

Copier quotes from A & B Business and Office Peeps for a Toshiba e-Studio 3505 AC were reviewed.  A & B Business quoted $6,996.75 and Office Peeps $6,729.00.  It was moved by Protsch, seconded by Durant and carried unanimously to purchase the Toshiba e-Studio 3505 AC from Office Peeps with the additional options of MR3031 Reversing Automatic Document Feeder, MJ1042 Stapling Inner Finisher, and KD1059LT Large Capacity Feeder for $8,480.00. 

Mitchell Area Safehouse representatives and Beadle County State’s Attorney Michael Moore arrived at the meeting to present information concerning an agreement for creation of a victim witness coordinator position.  This coordinator would provide information and services to victims involved in crimes.  Monies received from SB 2 Alcoholic Beverage Distribution fund could be used to pay Miner County’s annual $4100 cost.  Other counties considering membership in this partnership include:  Brule, Buffalo, Clark, Faulk, Hand, Jerauld, Kingsbury, Sanborn and Spink.  It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Protsch and carried to enter into the cooperative agreement to provide a victim witness coordinator. 

Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges reported that pavement markings and chip sealing projects have been completed for the year.  He also reported on needed equipment repairs and other highway matters.

The public meeting for consideration of the Miner County 5 Year Highway Plan was held as advertised.  Ron Burmood was present during the meeting but had no input toward the plan.  Others present included all five Miner County Commissioners, Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges and Auditor Susan Connor.  Information will be forwarded to First District of Local Govts. for the final plan that will be considered for adoption at the October 4th commission meeting.

Ron Burmood of SDPAA presented information on Equipment Breakdown (Boiler Insurance) coverage.  Miner County’s current coverage with Hartford Steam Boiler ends October 2.  When comparing the costs of both policies it was found that SDPAA coverage cost was considerably less.  It was moved by Durant, seconded by Gassman and carried unanimously to renew the current liability and property coverage and to add Equipment Breakdown coverage with South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance. 

No action was taken as to the implementation of the county’s burn ban.  It will continue to be placed on future commission agendas.

Custodian Colleen Arens gave an update on courthouse projects including painting & bench refinishing in the courtroom, needed repairs to the front door hinges on the courthouse and other miscellaneous repairs.

CLAIMS ALLOWED: Road & Bridge $36,524.99, Wellmark $37,196.65, Reliance $1,700.87, Retirement $5,290.37, OASI $7,762.30, Commissioners $4,058.75, Auditor $6,433.00, Treasurer $6,441.75, States Attorney $3,783.50, Govt Building $2,604.80, Director of Equalization $6,421.93, Register of Deeds $5,957.24, Vet Service $817.75, Sheriff $11,306.00, Contract Law $3,777.50, Welfare $432.72, Co Nurse $1,203.50, Ambulance $7,943.87, WIC $82.00, Extension $1203.50, Weed $1,161.50, Dispatch $8,785.74, Emergency Mgt $2,157.00; 

Century Link $108.41, Triotel $171.53 911 CHARGES; SD Dept of Transportation $2,452.02 CONTRACTED MAINTENANCE; Wilkinson & Wilkinson $420.94 COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEY; Xcel Energy $12.23 ELECTRIC SERVICE; HFCA $892.26 FUEL; Northwestern Energy $37.91 GAS SERVICE; Thomson Reuters-West $194.00 LAW BOOKS; Lincoln Co Auditor $40.43 MENTAL ILLNESS HEARING EXPENSE; Todd Spader $330.00 MOWING; SD Bureau of Info & Tech $27.00 NETWORK ACCESS FEES; Stamp Fulfillment Services $292.50 POSTAGE; City of Howard $250.00 POOR RELIEF LIVING EXPENSES; Madison Community Hospital $239.93 PRISONER MEDICAL CARE; Office Peeps $79.83 RENT; Al’s Service $141.99, Graham Tire $671.72, HFCA $103.90, McCormick Motors $456.34 REPAIRS; Concrete Materials $355.57, Lyle Signs $895.01 ROAD MATERIALS; Greg Protsch $900.00 STATE’S ATTY OFFICE EXPENSE ALLOWANCE; Colleen Arens $117.13, Don Arens $18.64, Butler Machinery $46.86, Mike Clary $58.83, Dawson Construction $62.63, Fastenal $299.00, Homestead Building Supply $40.97, Howard Auto Clinic $161.25, HFCA $6.19, Kimball Midwest $182.56, Rusty’s $79.32, Sturdevant’s $358.42, Titan Machinery $589.00, Tom’s Hardware $32.96 SUPPLIES; Alliance $816.13, Colleen Arens $30.00, AT&T $83.04, Century Link $9.18, Mike Clary $30.00, Rob Eggert $30.00, Lanny Klinkhammer $30.00, Verizon $70.67 TELEPHONE; Howard Auto Clinic $65.00 TOWING; Colleen Arens $19.32, Kari Jo Carlson $5.88, Susan Connor $11.00, Miranda Donahue $48.72, Denise Gassman $11.76, Barbara Genzlinger $7.56, Karla Neises $11.00, Gibi Page $13.44, Tami Severson $11.00 TRAVEL; City of Howard $2,590.70 UTILITIES;

The meeting adjourned to September 20th.  Dated this 6th day of September, 2016.

                                                                                                                 Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                                                 Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor



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