July 6, 2021


TUESDAY, July 6, 2021

4-H Exhibit Hall

203 West Wilson, Howard, SD


   9:00         Call Meeting to Order, Flag Pledge, Approve Agenda, Approve Minutes, Pay Bills

   9:15           Public Comment

   9:30          Weed Supervisor-Legal & Insurance Questions-Terwilliger, Ellendorf, C. Neises

   9:45          Tax Deed & Treasurer Update-Jessica Charles

 10:00           2022 Budget Discussion

 11:00          Courthouse Project Update- Kyle Higgens-Puetz Design + Build,

                                                               Melanie Raap-MAP, Inc.

                                                               Liz Squyer-Architecture Inc.                      


Legal Matters-

Executive Session-SDCL 1-25-2 (1) DOE Evaluation


SD DOT-2022-2025 Four Year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program-Mtg. Schedule

Sheriff-June Report

Unfinished Business

Courthouse Building Project-

          Law Books & Cases-Move at end of meeting-Courthouse Building 3rd Floor

New Business

American Rescue Plan Grant Funds

First District of Local Governments-Resolution of Annual Support

Director of Equalization Updates-Tami Severson

Subscription Request – GIS Services

Road & Bridge Construction Easements

Application Form Review for Medical Cannabis Applicants

Operating Transfers


Upcoming Events:

July 20th – Commissioner Meeting

August 3rd – Commissioner Meeting

August 17th – Commissioner Meeting

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Miner County Courthouse

Park Ave. & Main St

401 N. Main St.

Howard, SD 57349


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7:30am-12:00pm & 12:30pm-4:00pm

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