March 2, 2021

TUESDAY, March 2, 2021


    9:00         Call Meeting to Order, Flag Pledge, Approve Agenda, Approve Minutes, Pay Bills

   9:15           Public Comment

   9:30          Victim/Witness Director-Sara Newman & Kristian Ellendorf

   9:45          4-H Youth Advisor Position-SDSU Amber Erickson

 10:00          Highway Matters-Open Highway Supply Bids-Ron Krempges

 10:45          Treasurer Report-Jessica Charles


Legal Matters

Executive Session-SDCL 1-25-2 (1)


SD Assn. of County Commissioners-Spring Workshop

Unfinished Business

Courthouse Building Project

1.      Sign Lease Agreement with Miner Co. Historical Society

2.     Moving Date Set-April 5-8

3.     Change April 6th Commission Meeting to April 13th

4.     Other Information &/or Questions

New Business

Plat Consideration-Max & Julie Schwader

Contingency Transfers

Declare Lawbooks as Surplus


Upcoming Events:

March 16th – Commissioner Meeting

March 17th & 18th – SDACC Spring Workshop & New Officials Workshop

April 5-8th – County offices Moving to Bank Building-Courthouse offices closed to public

April 13th- Commissioner Meeting-Begin Equalization

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